Marijuana Use and Its Impact in the Workplace

Marijuana Use and Its Impact in the Workplace

A rising number of U.S. states are legalizing marijuana. However, even when legal, the use of marijuana in the workplace can impact your business in many ways. Hence, drug testing services in Arlington, Texas are recommended to protect your company and staff.

Some of the aspects affected by the use of marijuana include:

  1. Workplace safety

    Safety is the primary reason why companies are encouraged to conduct random workplace drug testing in Arlington, Texas. Marijuana usage is linked to increased workplace accidents and injuries since its short-term effects include impaired body movements, poor critical thinking skills, and memory issues.

    This is especially alarming for companies in the transportation or construction industry, as the drug impairs alertness and coordination when operating vehicles and heavy machinery. However, frequent drug and alcohol testing in Texas can help prevent onsite accidents.

  2. Workplace productivity

    Cannabis usage also raises concerns about workplace productivity. Impaired sensory perception, problem-solving capabilities, and an altered sense of time are a few ways marijuana can negatively affect the productivity of employees who are under its influence. Drug usage can affect an employee’s work quality and can ultimately lead to absenteeism too.

  3. The solution

    As an employer, onsite drug testing in Gainesville and Arlington, Texas is recommended. Data shows that approximately 60% of all positive drug tests are for marijuana in the U.S. workforce. Access to onsite drug testing services can improve your staff’s overall health, control both on and off the clock use of marijuana, and ensure an increase in workplace safety and productivity, too.

If you require dependable drug or alcohol testing services, MedWay Onsite Health Solutions, Inc. can address your testing needs. We also specialize in a broad range of services, from blood pressure screenings to DNA paternity testing in Arlington, Texas. Get in touch with us for more detailed information.

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