Drug Testing: How to Deal with Employee Refusal

By Louise Savoie | July 22, 2019

As long as the policy is followed, businesses that have drug screening policies included in their human resources guidelines are protected in case an employee refuses to take a drug test. Drug tests are either ordered based on reasonable suspicion of drug use or randomly performed. It can also be performed as a condition of…

3 Signs of Substance Abuse in the Workplace

By Louise Savoie | July 9, 2019

Drug and alcohol dependency can significantly affect an employee’s ability to contribute to your company’s success. Addiction can lead to reduced quality, lower productivity, higher health care costs, and increased absenteeism. Depending on the nature of your business, public safety can even be jeopardized. With all of the issues presented by drug addiction in the…

Workplace Drug Testing: 3 Key Points to Remember

By Louise Savoie | June 17, 2019

Have you already made the decision to conduct drug and alcohol tests for your employees? If you have, you already know that it will require a lot of effort and resources on your side. Setting up your key goals of the drug testing procedure is only the start. You also have to consider other factors,…

Top 4 Drug Testing Tips for HR Professionals

By Louise Savoie | June 5, 2019

Human Resource professionals serve as trusted advisors providing guidance and insights on a broad range of topics, such as staffing, employee engagement, benefits, and compensation. In terms of staffing, one of the most critical roles of an HR professional is ensuring that they are able to find and hire the most qualified person for the…

5 Reasons Why You Should Prefer On-Site Drug Testing

By Louise Savoie | May 27, 2019

Do you still schedule days off for your employees to have them tested for drugs? Now, you have the option of having them tested on-site, and it comes with a lot of perks, too: It can produce results in a timely manner. Your employees wouldn’t need to take a day off in order for them…

4 Benefits of Random Drug Testing for Your Workplace

4 Benefits of Random Drug Testing for Your Workplace

By Louise Savoie | May 21, 2019

As an employer, you can implement drug testing as a part of your pre-employment requirements. But, if you really want to keep your workplace clean, it would be helpful for you to put random drug testing into action as it will catch users during employment. Doing so also comes with a number of benefits: It…