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Apply to receive your DOT Urine Drug Screen and Breath Alcohol Certifications through MedWay OHS.

What is DOT?

DOT Testing is a category of federally-regulated drug and alcohol testing required for safety sensitive employees.

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Why Certify?

Big-name urgent and walk-in clinics are constantly performing DOT tests and collections. Being certified significantly increases your employability.

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Why MedWay?

Our biggest reward is your success! After certifying and training with us, students can join our online database of 500+ nation-wide collectors.

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Easy To Register

Registering for classes can be completed through our secure payment portal!


Signed certificates are provided immediately following completion of the course.

Resume Help

Our experienced writing consultant can help you add these certifications to your resume!

Extra Support

MedWay's reputation in the care community can make it easier for you to find jobs.

Stand Out!

We know that every certification counts to help you stand out above the rest!

Our comprehensive, self-paced online training program has been tailored to meet the training and certification needs of both old collectors seeking recertification and brand new individuals seeking first-time certification for both Urine Drug Screen and Breath Alcohol collections and testing. Our program can be adjusted to fit each individual's specific educational needs, making it one of the most comprehensive online certification programs available today.

Unlike other online certification programs, MedWay's Urine Drug Screen collection certification program provides both the learning materials necessary to receive certification, as well as a monitor to assist in the completion of the associated necessary five error-free mock collections. Additionally, our one-on-one monitor program assists in certifying individuals in using our training program's associated Evidential Breath Testing Device - the Alcovisor Jupiter.

After creating an account through our Student Portal, all you need to do is select your appropriate group ("DOT UDS/BAT Students") and make a one-time payment of $250 for the course through our secure payment portal. From that point forward, you may complete the course at your own pace, and receive your certification following the completion of the course requirements.

Looking For More Opportunities?

We have partnered with The X-Ray Academy of Texas to save you money and offer the best combined certification and training possible. Ask us about decreased pricing options in conjunction with X-Ray Academy enrollment!

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**Student registration name must match X-Ray Academy enrollment logs.                                                                                                                                     ***Falsified applications will be terminated and course access will be revoked.