Pre-employment Drug Testing Services

Hiring is the most critical process in any business organization. Today, businesses understand that while focusing on quality candidates ensuring the safety of existing employees is also important. However qualified and experienced a person is, they may jeopardize workplace safety under the influence of drugs and alcohol. Knowing this, nowadays, many employers are approaching Medway Onsite Health Solutions, Inc. for pre-employment drug testing services which involves screening the qualified candidates for any signs of occasional or regular drug and alcohol abuse. Our pre-employment drug and alcohol testing services are designed to complement their Drug-Free Workplace program. Over the years, our services have been sought by employers across industries to build drug-free, safe, and productive workplaces.

Many people may develop substance abuse problems due to medications such as sedatives and pain killers. Although these medications aren’t illegal; however, high levels of consumption may cause erratic behavior or other health issues in individuals. Thus, it must be carefully scrutinized in individuals.

Pre-employment Drug Testing Services Offered by Medway Onsite Health Solutions

At Medway OHS, we perform the following types of pre-employment drug testing services.

  • Oral Fluid Testing: In this, the saliva of a candidate is collected to test the traces of alcohol or drug. This method is preferred over urine testing in some cases to avoid cheating. As the specimen collection is performed under observation, it becomes difficult for the person to cheat during the collection. The saliva has a short detection span of seven to twenty-one hours. Due to this short detection span, this testing is usually preferred for post-accident and suspicion testing.
  • Urine Testing: In this type of testing, a urine sample of a candidate is collected for testing. It is highly recommended for safety-sensitive positions; however, is consistently favored by employers for most other positions irrespective of Federal or State regulations.  Urine samples of the candidate is usually collected in private. Urine has a drug detection span of five to ten days.
  • Hair Follicle Drug Testing Services: This testing is usually preferred by employers hiring for both safety-sensitive and regular positions. The detection window for this type of testing is usually 90 days. Although one of the expensive types of drug testing, many of our clients prefer this as it is accurate and difficult to manipulate.

All these drug testing types, whether used in combination or alone with other screening techniques can provide effective results. These techniques would also help employers hire candidates who are not only skilled but also drug-free and can be an asset to the workplace.

Benefits of Pre-employment Drug Testing
An effective pre-employment drug testing program will help employers in the following ways:

  • Regular use of drugs not only affects the psyche and health of an individual but also everyone else in the company. Workplace absenteeism, poor performance, and erratic behavior are a few scenarios of substance abuse. As per the study by the US Department of Justice, almost 50% of accident cases in the workplaces and 40% of theft cases occur under the influence of drug or alcohol. By conducting the pre-employment screening, employers can boost workplace safety.
  • Scrutinizing a candidate for substance abuse is one of the most challenging tasks for most employers. A publicly disclosed pre-employment drug testing will deter such candidates from applying for a job.
  • A drug-free workplace is a productive workplace and employees can trust each other and work with confidence that their co-workers are dependable and are not harmful in any way due to their drug or alcohol problems.
  • Most career-focused candidates and the public have a positive perception of the company that has a pre-employment drug testing policy in place.


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