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MedWay Onsite Health Services (OHS) provides various types of drug and alcohol testing services in the State of Texas. We serve through our Quest Diagnostics preferred collection sites located in Arlington and Gainesville, TX.

We perform urine, saliva, hair follicle, and fingernail, and toenail testing for employers and individuals. As a third-party administrator, we assist employers to devise and implement drug-free workplace programs. Call us at 817-506-7998 (Arlington) or 940-641-8011 (Gainesville) to discuss your requirements.

Importance of Drug and Alcohol Testing in Texas

Texas is the second-largest state in the United States after Alaska, and second-largest in population after California. According to a study, there were 400,000 cases of drug abuse reported in the state between 2014 and 2016.

Heroin, cocaine, marijuana, and methamphetamine are a few commonly used drugs in the state. In addition to this, other illegal drugs are also shipped to the state in copious amounts to the border that it shares with a neighboring country. Along with this, alcohol and prescription drug abuse is also another big concern in the state. Prescription drugs like Adderall, Xanax, Methadone, Suboxone, Oxyconthin, Vicodin, Valium, and Rypholin are used in large numbers. In 2013, at least 622 prescription drug-related deaths were reported in the state.

Knowing the impact of these drugs and alcohol abuse on people and their businesses, nowadays, private businesses in Texas are adopting drug-free workplace programs. Luckily, there are no limitations imposed under federal and Texas laws on drug and alcohol testing policies adopted by private businesses.

Types of Drug and Alcohol Testing Services Offered by MedWay OHS

The following are different drug and alcohol testing services offered by MedWay OHS.

  1. Pre-employment Drug Testing: The drug testing of this type is performed on applicants who may be considered for safety-sensitive, as well as positions that demand mental integrity and physical health. The employer possesses the right to deny employment to a person who has tested positive.
  2. Reasonable Suspicion Drug Testing: As the name indicates, an employee may be subjected to testing if an employer observes: physical symptoms indicating the influence of drugs and alcohol, erratic behavior, absenteeism, performance deterioration, and so on. 
  3. Probationary Drug Testing: This is a type of periodic testing performed on employees with a history of drug and substance abuse and have completed substance abuse rehabilitation and treatment programs.  Probationary drug testing is recommended up to 2 years after the employee has returned to the workplace.
  4. Random Drug Testing: This type of testing allows employers to identify unknown drug users in the workplace. The process of random drug testing must be properly documented prior to the testing.
  5. Court Ordered Drug Testing: In this, drug testing is usually performed on individuals who have to prove their innocence in drug and substance abuse claims to the court. We generally perform court ordered drug testing for spouses involved in child custody cases, or people who may be undergoing trial or serving probation period.
  6. Mobile Drug Testing: Our mobile drug testing unit will arrive at your site to test employees. Our experts exhibit utmost professionalism and maintain confidentiality when it comes to collecting specimen and processing results.
  7. Post-accident Drug Testing: This type of testing is usually conducted to analyze jobsite accidents. The testing allows employers to know the cause of accident and decide upon the compensation. The post-accident drug testing is usually conducted as per certain criteria such as fatalities, police citations, and injuries that require offsite medical assistance, and so on. Our staff usually visit the accident place for tests. Employers have a right to deny compensation or further job opportunities to employees who have tested positive. However, the employees have the right to challenge this in court.

In addition to these, the nationwide services commonly rendered include physical examinations, fitness for duty testing, breath alcohol testing, and qualitative respiratory mask fit testing.

Important Drug Testing Laws in Texas

Here are a few pointers regarding drug testing laws in Texas:

  1. According to the drug testing law in Texas, using a device or substance to falsify drug test is described as a Class B Misdemeanor. A person guilty of Class B Misdemeanor has to pay a fine of $2000 and may be jailed up to 180 days.
  2. The employee or applicant with disability who is under medication is protected under the Americans with Disability Act (ACA). This is because some prescriptions may influence the drug test results. Some illegal drugs like opiates are used to treat a few health conditions. If an employee or applicant is refused employment based on drug testing results, then the company may be held liable.
  3. The drug and alcohol testing policy and reports must be documented by employers and it must comprise sections on the types of tests performed, employees who will be covered under these tests, disciplinary actions taken against the violations, and recommendations of rehabilitations. The choice of whether to allow rehabilitation or not entirely depends on the employer. This is not required by any federal law or Texas law.
  4. The employers must share the drug and alcohol policy with the employees and seek their acknowledgment in the form of signature. Many employers usually make it a mandatory condition for hiring.
  5. An employer has all rights to fire the employee who refuses to take the test or sign the acknowledgment of the policy.
  6. The employer can choose to test only certain employees instead of all. This may cover safety-sensitive positions such as drivers, rig operators, crane operators, and machine operators. However, if the employer is found subjecting employees to testing based on their gender, race, or age, then the employees can raise a discrimination claim.
  7. The employer should take care to avoid violation of privacy of employees. For instance, the employer must avoid asking employees to submit their specimen in front of others and so on.

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